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Inovonics 360° Ceiling Mount
Motion Detector


The Inovonics Wireless EN1265 is a wireless four-element passive infrared intrusion detector for use in ceiling mount applications and provides protection from intruders by PYRO sensor element. The EN1265 is equipped with a special hard lens that offers wide coverage patterns even at low mounting heights. It is especially immune to sunlight, halogen and fluorescent lights and is impervious to attacks.

  • Equipped with a special lens that offers wide coverage patterns, even at low mounting heights
  • Highly sensitive to moving heat infrared radiation
  • Increased immunity to radio interference, vibration, static, lightning, ambient temperature changes, and other causes of false alarms
  • Intelligent sleep timer extends battery life in high traffic environments
  • Detection range of 65 feet (20m)


Inovonics EchoStream 900MHz radio utilizes a unique frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology to meet the demands of an increasingly cluttered wireless world.

The flexibility of wireless is a necessity in today’s dynamic commercial environments. The self-configuring EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network allows you to adapt to changing floor plans and requirements in a matter of minutes. New sensors can be added to the network as fast as they can be mounted.

The EchoStream Commercial Mesh Network’s backbone of intelligent repeaters can extend coverage to thousands of sensors across entire commercial campuses.

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